2023 Annual Meeting:

AI's Readiness for Primetime and NYC's Building Blocks for Tech Innovation

11:45 AM EST
335 Madison Avenue, NYC

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June 8, 2023

About the Event

The 645 Ventures' 7th Annual Meeting will mark the first time since the start of the covid-19 pandemic that we will bring the 645 community back together under one roof. Our 2023 Annual Meeting will be a unique moment where we can hear and learn from top operators, entrepreneurs, and academics. We will be exploring highly topical themes such as AI’s Readiness for Primetime and the Building Blocks that underlie the NYC ecosystem. Join us for a day of discussion, learning, and networking with top business leaders.

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Featured Speakers

  • Aaron Holiday

    Aaron Holiday

    Co-Founder and Managing Partner
    645 Ventures
  • Cassie Kozyrkov

    Cassie Kozyrkov

    Chief Decision Scientist
  • Greg Morrisett

    Greg Morrisett

    Dean and Vice Provost
    Cornell Tech
  • Kathy Wylde

    Kathy Wylde

    President and CEO
    Partnership for New York City
  • Nnamdi Okike

    Nnamdi Okike

    Co-Founder and Managing Partner
    645 Ventures
  • Tarek Sherif

    Tarek Sherif

    Chairman and CEO
    Medidata Solutions


Times in

    11:45 AM

    Welcome and Check In

    12:15 PM

    Deep Dive into AI and it's Readiness for Primetime

    Cassie Kozyrkov, Chief Decision Scientist, Google
    1:05 PM

    Short Break

    1:15 PM

    The Evolution of the NYC Tech Ecosystem

    Greg Morrisett, Dean and Vice Provost, Cornell Tech
    Kathy Wylde, President & CEO, Partnership for New York City

    Moderator: Aaron Holiday

    1:45 PM

    Short Break

    2:00 PM

    Building for a Large-Scale Exit

    Tarek Sherif, Chairman & CEO, Medidata Solutions

    Moderator: Nnamdi Okike

    2:30 PM

    Lunch & Networking